WJLD "The Difference"


WJLD "The Difference"


Box 8 Folder 50: "Ok, we’re up to folder 50. 50 has a business card from WJLD “The Difference.” And that would have been again around 1987-1988. It would have been probably the end of the “The Difference” as a slogan because by 1989 it was morphing into “Heart and Soul.” “The Difference WJLD.” PO Box 19123. Well, interestingly enough, the post office box has changed while the station was known as “The Difference.” The address was changed, the phone numbers remain the same. Also in 50, two bumper stickers. One from WJLD “The Difference,” listing 102 FM Cable, a project that Gary Richardson initiated and actually home wired I think close to a thousand FM receivers giving people the capacity to receive the programming at 1400 AM on 102.1FM. One of his creative moments. Also a very large bumper sticker saying “44 years making the difference” so clearly from 1986. Also, a flyer showing the line-up of 1400 "the difference." Here we see two Richardson innovations: first "the difference" as explained earlier and secondly, WJLD AM's move to Satellite broadcasting via ABC. Cosby, Jones, and Waples are all national jocks we WJLD carried via satellite. I believe WJLD was the first AM station to carry satellite broadcasting in Birmingham. From the WJLD files."


b8f50a - WJLD business card with WJLD FM 102.1 - 1987.jpg
b8f50b - two WJLD bumper stickers - 1986.jpg
b8f50c - back of smaller bumper sticker from f37.jpg
b8f50d - WJLD the Difference & Heart and Soul - line up - 1988.jpg



“WJLD "The Difference",” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed July 15, 2024, https://thebbrm.org/item/518.

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