Flyer, WJLD "Heart & Soul"


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Flyer, WJLD "Heart & Soul"


Box 8 Folder 51: "Alright, moving right along, this is 51. Folder 51 we’re into. This is a beauty. It’s a flyer for WJLD. The Satellite Music Network actually. This is what it is. We were the first station back in ’88 and ’89 to play satellite delivered radio in Birmingham, and Satellite Music Network was a product of ABC, American Blues, I mean American Broadcasting Corporation. And their format that we bought in exchange for commercial time, it was really a trade, was called “Heart and Soul.” We played James Brown, Sam Cook, and Marvin Gaye, and B.B. King, and the OJs, and all the popular stuff that our listeners would appreciate. And it was a very very professional DJ staff that delivered that music. It was a really really good format which first attracted me to the station actually. From the WJLD files."



“Flyer, WJLD "Heart & Soul",” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed May 9, 2021,

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