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b8f51a - Satellie Music Network flyer Heart and Soul format-1989.jpg
Box 8 Folder 51: "Alright, moving right along, this is 51. Folder 51 we’re into. This is a beauty. It’s a flyer for WJLD. The Satellite Music Network actually. This is what it is. We were the first station back in ’88 and ’89 to play satellite…

b8f50a - WJLD business card with WJLD FM 102.1 - 1987.jpg
Box 8 Folder 50: "Ok, we’re up to folder 50. 50 has a business card from WJLD “The Difference.” And that would have been again around 1987-1988. It would have been probably the end of the “The Difference” as a slogan because by 1989 it was morphing…
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