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(l-r) Rosco Floyd, Soul Vocalist Joe Simon, Dave and Leo Taylor - 1978, WENN.jpg
Dave Donnell (b. Nov.2, 1949.) Dave held many positions at many stations, starting in 1969 at WVOL AM Nashville, his birth city, then to KALO AM Little Rock and finally to Birmingham, where he spent many years at WENN 107.7 FM, at WBUL 1220, at…

b8f18a - WJLD Budweiser Showdown - details and 45 rpm - 1983.jpg
Box 8 Folder 18: "Moving on to folder 18, which is dated 1983, has a 45 in here from the Budweiser Showdown. Apparently a solo by some person named Centaura. “Your Love is All I Need.” And the other side is probably a… well, we’ll find out in a…

b8f5a - WENN 107.7 logo - 1980.jpg
Box 8 Folder 5: "Ok, we’re at folder 5 which contains a number of WENN photos from Manuel Fitch's scrapbook. In many cases, we've enlarged the copies. In order they are as follows:
a. WENN poster with the slogan "JAMMIN’”
b. a color photo of WENN…

b7f16a - Leo Taylor from WJLD - 1978.jpg
Box 7 Folder 16: "We’re at folder 16 which is a headshot from 1978 of Leo Taylor who was at WJLD, WBUL and at WENN radio. Ron January shared the following: He (Taylor) was originally hired to take over "Sound Off" (a Saturday morning talk show) in…

b7f15a - Manuel Fitch at the WBUL board - 1978.jpg
Box 7 Folder 15: "Folder 15 holds several photos of WBUL staff.
a. We see Manuel Fitch at the WBUL board.
b. Also a group pix (l-r) Gerald Floyd, on the air as Roscoe Floyd; Internationally known recording artist Joe Simon (go check his…
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