WENN Studios

b8f5a - WENN 107.7 logo - 1980.jpg
b8f5b - WENN staffers outside studio - 1980.jpg
b8f5c - jazz jock Sahara Gladeh and Alexander ONeal - 1980's.jpg
b8f5d - WENN staffers with Melba Moore - early 1980's.jpg
b8f5e - WENN's Jesse Champion Jr and Michael Star  early 1980's.jpg


WENN Studios


Box 8 Folder 5: "Ok, we’re at folder 5 which contains a number of WENN photos from Manuel Fitch's scrapbook. In many cases, we've enlarged the copies. In order they are as follows:
a. WENN poster with the slogan "JAMMIN’”
b. a color photo of WENN staffers outside the Gaston Building on 5th Avenue North between 15th and 16th Streets north.
c. a color photo of Jazz jock Sahara Gladeh with singer Alexander O'Neal
d. (l-r) a black and white photo of Joe "Kidd" Murphy, WENN engineer, with Melba Moore, Roe Bonner, unknown, and Leo Taylor.
e. a color photo of (l-r) Jesse Champion, Jr, Anita Bernadette McAllister and Music Director Michael Star"



“WENN Studios,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed October 2, 2023, https://thebbrm.org/item/473.

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