WENN Staff, Gaston Lounge


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WENN Staff, Gaston Lounge


Box 8 Folder 4: "This is folder 4 which is an 8x10 black and white out in front of Gaston’s Funeral… actually, it’s out in front of Gaston’s Lounge and Dining. This would have been a part of the Gaston Motel on 5th Avenue North. I don’t know where that is but it indicates WENN radio, AM 1320, FM 107.7. This is previous to WAGG being actually given call letters, and there’s a number of people in this picture. It does look like… I want to check to see whether one of these people is Don Solomon all of a sudden. If he would know who these people are in any event. But they were people who were there at the start. And we’ll find out more about that. With the last edit of this document in 2019, Ron January informed Bob Friedman that he could ID from left to right, Lou Willie, then skip one to Don Solomon third from left, and then to the immediate right of the sign, Kirkwood Balton.

Also in Folder 4, a photo of Ms. WENN 1980. Photos from Manuel Fitch's scrapbook."



“WENN Staff, Gaston Lounge,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed May 19, 2022, https://thebbrm.org/item/472.

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