WBUL Staff


WBUL Staff


Box 7 Folder 15: "Folder 15 holds several photos of WBUL staff.
a. We see Manuel Fitch at the WBUL board.
b. Also a group pix (l-r) Gerald Floyd, on the air as Roscoe Floyd; Internationally known recording artist Joe Simon (go check his discography); Dave Donnell, coming from Nashville, who spent many later years at WENN beginning in 1980 (here, a 3-4 month stint at WBUL); and to Dave's left, Leo Taylor from BUL, WJLD where he did Sound Off (talk show) from '78-'79 on Saturday mornings. We learned the latter from Ron January who did Sound Off at WJLD from '76 - '78. We also learned that Jesse Champion, Jr. followed Taylor doing Sound Off at WJLD. (And here I thought I invented the name in 1989!)
c. BUL staffers at a remote broadcast. (l-r) Clint Harris; Ron Marshall (who went into Bessemer politics, and may still be doing gospel on the air); Larry Thomas; a BUL salesman; and Bill Coleman.
d. and finally, a head shot of Larry Thomas, on whom we have no information."


b7f15a - Manuel Fitch at the WBUL board - 1978.jpg
b7f15b - Group pix from WBUL - 1978.jpg
b7f15c - at a WBUL remote with staffers - 1978.jpg
b7f15d - Larry Thomas head shot from WBUL - 1978.jpg



“WBUL Staff,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed March 4, 2024, https://thebbrm.org/item/435.

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