WJLD Double Dozen


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WJLD Double Dozen


Box 5 Folder 35: "Folder 35 is a WJLD contest folder… I’m sorry, correction. It’s called a WJLD Double Dozen and also WJLD… WJLN-FM. And this is like a top 24 songs that were out for the week beginning August 8, 1969, and it lists not only the pop but also the gospel records. And ok there… interestingly enough, they have the DJs’ picks, the ones that the DJs liked the most, and they have Sam “00” Moore’s pick. We thought he was only there for 1 year in 1966 but this is already August of 1969 if it’s real. If he was actually there during that time. So there’s a mystery since we’d been told he was only there for one year. Ronald Jaye’s pick, Andrew Field’s pick, Jimmy Lawson’s pick, and Little Walter, or Walter Anglin’s pick. So that’s a question that we have. . I believe this was in the WJLD files."



“WJLD Double Dozen,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed June 22, 2021, https://thebbrm.org/item/375.

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