Interviews, Civic and Religious Leaders


b5f34a - News brief iv Herman Maddox, Jasper Mayor - 1969.jpg
b5f34b - iv with Rev A.R. Odom, First Bapt, Jasper 1969.jpg
b5f34c - iv with Jasper Chamb of Comm Pres Joe Clouney - 1969.jpg
b5f34d - WJLD iv Sylacauga Mayor Joe Dark - 1969.jpg
b5f34e - iv Pastor Andrew Tampling - First Bapt Sylacauga - 1969.jpg
b5f34f - 2nd iv, with Pastor Andrew Tampling.jpg
b5f34g - Pres Chamb of Comm Sylacauga Lyman Mason - 1969.jpg


Interviews, Civic and Religious Leaders


Box 5 Folder 34: "This is folder 34 which contains various news briefs of interviews with various civic and religious leaders from Jasper and Sylacauga. Race relations is a major topic. They are brief and worth reading. We know that both Mayor Dark of Sylacauga and Maddox of Jasper were both mayor during the year of 1969. These interviews also uplift the importance of WJLN whose signal would easily reach both cities. From WJLD’s files or from Ben Franklin."



“Interviews, Civic and Religious Leaders,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed June 22, 2021,

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