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b5f35a - front and back cover of a WJLD promotion - 1969.jpg
Box 5 Folder 35: "Folder 35 is a WJLD contest folder… I’m sorry, correction. It’s called a WJLD Double Dozen and also WJLD… WJLN-FM. And this is like a top 24 songs that were out for the week beginning August 8, 1969, and it lists not only the pop…

b5f30a - proof sheet from 1969 McNair photo session.jpg
Box 5 Folder 30: "Folder 30 from 1969. These are contact sheets from Chris McNair Studios, who gave us a bunch of negatives and we printed these positives. It’s a sample sheet that includes pictures of Jimmy Lawson, Andrew Fields, Willie McKinstrey,…

b5f24a - WJLD staff 1968.jpg
Box 5 Folder 24: "We’re up… we’re up to folder 24 which are a couple pictures of the WJLD staff of 1968 showing (l-r) Ronald Jackson, Willie McKinstry, Jimmy Lawson, Andrew Fields, and Walter Anglin. Now, the description on the back of the smaller…

b5f19a - Andrew Fields at WJLD First Ave studio - 1968.jpg
Box 5 Folder 19: "Folder 19 from 1968, a picture of Andrew Fields reading a "Call for Action" editorial. So, doing his public service announcement, and we believe Andrew was at WJLD First Avenue North studio. at the time. We saw the "Call for…

b5f5a - Photo of Andrew Fields from WJLD - 1967.jpg
Box 5 Folder 5: "Folder 5 contains two pictures of Andrew Fields from WJLD. Two headshots of Andrew Fields from 1967, again from the Chris McNair Studios."

Andrew Fields (b.Jan 2, 1936, d. Nov 10, 2004), overnight broadcaster and part timer at WJLD and WBUL, discusses his career spanning 1969-1982; reflecting on his development and experience in Birmingham radio and his contemporaries.
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