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b6f19a - Church fan with Rev W.A. Clark - 1972.jpg
"Moving along to folder 19, these are copies of two fans… didn’t we have this already? Ok, these are copies of both sides of fans that were put out by the Epp’s Jewelry folks and Taft Epstein was a big promoter of black radio, church programming in…

b5f22a - Church fan with Martin Luther King - 1968.jpg
"This is folder 22 which is a fan depicting the life of Dr. Martin Luther King from his birth in 1929 to his death in 1968. On the back once again, these were put out by Epp’s Jewelers, also advertising WJLD and WENN as outlets for Epp’s commercials…

b4f2a - Ensley Jubilee Singers - 1960's.jpg
"Box 4 folder 2 is a copy of a photo of the Ensley Jubilees, a local gospel quartet, including a second sheet that describes who’s who in the picture, from about 1960. Copied from Doug Seroff’s pamphlet."
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