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"Ok we’re at folder 21 which are about 300 copies of radio station WBUL’s contracts, for sale contracts. They had been closed for quite some time but the building still existed, and I was able to get up into the old facility with a flashlight and I…

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"Moving along to folder 19, these are copies of two fans… didn’t we have this already? Ok, these are copies of both sides of fans that were put out by the Epp’s Jewelry folks and Taft Epstein was a big promoter of black radio, church programming in…

Fitch at tape automation, WBUL0001.jpg
Manuel Fitch, long time gospel announcer currently on WJLD Radio AM 1400 and 94.1 FM, on Saturday mornings from 6-8AM. Manuel began working in Birmingham radio in the 1970’s and shared his recollections and stories from his scrapbook pictures. His…

Andrew Fields (b.Jan 2, 1936, d. Nov 10, 2004), overnight broadcaster and part timer at WJLD and WBUL, discusses his career spanning 1969-1982; reflecting on his development and experience in Birmingham radio and his contemporaries.
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