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b2f52a - WJLD cuff links from Zack Allen - 1953.jpg
Box 2 Folder 52: "We’re now at folder 52. In 52 we have a pair of cufflinks preceding several files ago, we mentioned it. Zach Allan of Bessemer had donated cufflinks, WJLD cufflinks. That’s what‘s in the envelope. One of them has the WJLD name, the…

b2f51a - Zack - Rac'm Back - Allen - 1953.jpg
Box 2 Folder 51: "We are now at folder 51. It is a picture donated by Zack Allan who had a brief history with WJLD back in the ‘50s, would have been around ‘53. He was at the station when Roy Wood Sr. was at the station for a brief period of time.…

Roy and Gate April 1,1992 at WJLD Studios.jpg
Arnold Dwight “Gatemouth” Moore - (b. Nov 8, 1913, d. May 19, 2004) one of the most daring of the radio announcers of the 1950’s, Moore was a blues singer in the 1930’s and 40’s and a gospel singer, minister and radio announcer in the 50’s, in…

Zack Allen (b.Jan 16, 1936, d.Nov 2, 2010), radio broadcaster with WJLD, interviewed about music played during his time as a DJ in the 1950s

Lora Gary (b. Jan 6, 1927, d. Mar 26, 2010) remembers the 1950’s and her time at WBCO and later WJLD, where she had a noon jazz show.
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