Lora Gary, Oral History

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Lora Gary, Oral History


Broadcast history


Lora Gary (b. Jan 6, 1927, d. Mar 26, 2010) remembers the 1950’s and her time at WBCO and later WJLD, where she had a noon jazz show.


Bob Friedman
Lora Gary


Birmingham Black Radio Museum


November 18, 1993


Hannah Moore
Emily Bibb








Bob Friedman


Lora Gary


Transcript of audio snippet:

Lora Gary: ....my mother passed, about um, 4 weeks ago.
Bob Friedman- Unhuh.
LG- And she had saved, a lot of materials, she had saved papers and things we had forgotten about. Um,
BF- And you still have them?
LG- Well my daughter took them with her to school, to work and she had those papers, um what is it, you know how you, so that they can be saved, I’m looking at …
BF- Like laminated?
LG- yeah laminated.
BF- Oh great.
LG- That’s what I’m trying to say.
BF- Let me. Let me ask you this Laura?
LG- Ok.
BF- Do you have any pictures of you at the radio station?
LG- Yes, I am about to, Yeah, I’m about to tell about to I’m about to, I’m about to tell you now. I’m looking through these.
BF- Oh great, great, great, great! Unhid
LG- Um, my mother had a, there was a writer in Time Magazine, that I, I, I didn’t, the Birmingham Times..
BF- Mhm
LG- That I didn’t, I had no idea that she had that, I don’t even know who wrote it really, now um lets see, now I worked with WBCO first..
BF- Ok. Remember what year?
LG- Uh, wait a minute, I, cause I’ve got this, um I’ve got a picture of all of the guys and Faush
BF- Oh great!
LG- I’ve got uh, I, I tell you, I’ve got something that you really, really,
BF- Will you Marry ME!
LG- Wait a minute, I’ve got Faush, I’ve got Honey Brown, a picture with, um, Cobbs, I can’t remember his first name now, but Bruce if you,
BF- Let’s see..
LG- I don’t know if you’ve heard of Bruce or not he worked at WBCO..
LG- Unhuh. And um, wait a minute let me find that picture


Full interview: 38 minutes
Audio snippet: 2 minutes


Bob Friedman and Lora Gary, “Lora Gary, Oral History,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed October 2, 2023, https://thebbrm.org/item/4.

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