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b4f1a - Precision Multiplier Probe Instr - 1952.jpg
Box 4 Folder 1: "This is box 4 folder 1. It’s August 30, 2011. We’re beginning. We have operating instructions for a vacuum tube test probe for a multi-master which is probably a vacuum tube tester, various other instruction manuals for various…

Tux 10001.jpg
Box 1 Folder 4: "Box 1 folder 4 is a reproduction from 1939 of the Bluebird Release 10409 “Tuxedo Junction” written and performed by the Erskine Hawkins Orchestra. That’s a picture of the 78. Donated by Bob Friedman."

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Evelyn Hardy.jpg
Evelyn Hardy, piano player and founding member of the Gospel Harmonettes, a famous female gospel group based in Birmingham, Alabama. Evelyn shares her recollections of the group’s beginning in the 1940’s.
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