Instructions, Precision Apparatus Company and RCA


b4f1a - Precision Multiplier Probe Instr - 1952.jpg
b4f1b - Precision Hi Frq Vac Tube Test Probe - 1952.jpg
b4f1c - Precision Vac Tube Multi-Master - 1952.jpg
b4f1d - Stats -RCA Pressure Mike BK 1-A - 1961.jpg
b4f1e - stats-RCA Pressure Mike 88-A - 1961.jpg
b4f1f - stats-RCA Type 56-E Line Equalizer - 1960.jpg


Instructions, Precision Apparatus Company and RCA


Box 4 Folder 1: "This is box 4 folder 1. It’s August 30, 2011. We’re beginning. We have operating instructions for a vacuum tube test probe for a multi-master which is probably a vacuum tube tester, various other instruction manuals for various pieces of equipment, some from RCA. We approximate this to be relevant to either the early ‘60s or the late ‘50s. Found at WJLD. Ads for the RCA microphones show JFK and Martin Luther King using them. Precision had a catalog in 1952 with their items listed. The one cent Jefferson penny postcard was used until 1958."



“Instructions, Precision Apparatus Company and RCA,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed July 23, 2021,

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