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b7f2a- FCC renews WJLD and WENN licenses- 1975.jpg
Box 7 Folder 2: "Ok, here we are on folder 2. A clipping from the Birmingham Post Herald of December 16, 1975 indicating that both WENN radio and WENN FM under their new owner, the Booker T. Washington Broadcasting Company, so were awarded licenses…

b6f35a - Johnston request for summary judgement denied - 1974.jpg
Box 6 Folder 35: "This is folder 35 which contain requests to the FCC from Johnston requesting summary judgment against McKinney and Hertz broadcasting. That request is hereby denied and set for trial in December, 1974. Hertz Broadcasting, you will…

b6f10a - WENN radio sold to Hertz Bdcast - May 6, 1971.jpg
Box 6 Folder 10: "Ok we’re in folder 10, looking at a copy of an article probably from the Birmingham News dated…. No, the Birmingham Post Herald, dated May 6, 1971, indicating that Hertz Broadcasting of Birmingham has purchased radio station ENN and…
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