Clipping, "WENN Sold to Atlanta Based Firm"


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Clipping, "WENN Sold to Atlanta Based Firm"


Box 6 Folder 10: "Ok we’re in folder 10, looking at a copy of an article probably from the Birmingham News dated…. No, the Birmingham Post Herald, dated May 6, 1971, indicating that Hertz Broadcasting of Birmingham has purchased radio station ENN and FM from Joe Mack Birmingham Corporation for more than $800,000. More than $800,000. This is the license transfer that… well, it’s interesting to me. It says “The license transfer, which was approved Tuesday by the FCC, closed out all of Joe Mack’s broadcasting property in the nation as stipulated by the will of John M. McClendon, late president of the company, according to WENN’s general manager, Joe Lackey.” And we’ve talked about John McClendon in the past. It also points out that he owned five radio stations in the southeast, six radio stations in Costa Rica, a television station in Jackson, MS. His wish was that all of his stuff be sold right after his death. This is from 1971 and this company, Hertz, based in Atlanta, Georgia, purchased the station for $804,000. The company owns two radio stations in Georgia, an advertising firm in Atlanta. Lackey said they’ll be no format or personnel changes at the station because of the transfer. The thing that’s interesting is that they talk about it as the station rather than the stations, which would lead you to believe at this time they were simulcasting on AM and FM and fundamentally on AM. Although, yeah this is before… this is pre-A.G. Gaston because A.G. Gaston’s name is used as the initials AGG which is where WENN AM would have transferred its name to. So what we’re looking at here is the McClendon family giving up its ownership to an Atlanta based company of 1320 and it’s not clear to me that they have purchased 107.7 as a frequency although they indicate that there is an AM and an FM frequency associated with a McClendon ownership so I would presume that the only thing that could mean is that they own 107.7, but were not broadcasting as a stand alone FM station. There’s more research needed here. From the Bham Library archives."



“Clipping, "WENN Sold to Atlanta Based Firm",” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed September 23, 2021,

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