Reflections on Perry "Tiger" Thompson from his daughter, Lydia Thompson (part 02)


Esau Thompson, 1957, Ebony Magazine
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Reflections on Perry "Tiger" Thompson from his daughter, Lydia Thompson (part 02)


Lydia Thompson (b. Feb 3, 1940, d. Sep 20, 1996), Perry “Tiger” Thompson’s (b. 1908, d. Apr 26, 1973) daughter, part three of three interviews. Bob Friedman visited Ms. Thompson at her home in Bessemer. Lydia continues to reflect on her family and her dad’s career in radio. Bob was given a picture of Tiger at a WJLD microphone for duplication purposes


Lydia Thompson
Bob Friedman


Birmingham Black Radio Museum


November 07, 1993


Mark Usry
Emily Bibb








Bob Friedman


Lydia Thompson


Bessemer, Alabama


Transcript of audio snippet:

Lydia Thompson: Cuz I think everybody in our family got a chance to be on the radio.

Bob Friedman: Is that right?

LT: Uh huh. At that time.

BF: Did you get a chance to be on the radio?

LT: Yes I....

BF: How did that happen?

LT: Well sometimes they would have a meetin'.

BF: Mhm

LT: And I’d play those long, uh, LPs and...

BF: He'd just tell ya to...

LT: Uh huh

BF: Go with it.

LT: Yeah just play it. Uh huh.

BF: Uh huh

LT: And sometimes I did get a chance to read a commercial too.

BF: Uh huh

LT: But that would be it you know. I wasn’t very...

BF: So how old were you? when you...

LT: Oh I was a teenager then.

BF: You were a teenager. Reading a commercial on WJLD.

LT: Mhm

BF: (laughs)

LT: And my brother. When he was 4, he had a show of his own.

BF: When he was 4 years old?

LT: Yeah

BF: Four years old?

LT: Four years old. It’s in the Ebony Magazine. They did a write up on him and had him in Ebony magazine.

BF: Really? On what and what, where did he broadcast it?


Full interview: 18 minutes
Audio snippet: 2 minutes


Lydia Thompson and Bob Friedman, “Reflections on Perry "Tiger" Thompson from his daughter, Lydia Thompson (part 02),” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed July 3, 2022,

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