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Roscoe singing today.jpeg
Roscoe Robinson (b. May 22, 1928) Roscoe Robinson, sometimes called "Scoe" is continuing to sing and record at 92. Born in Dermott, Arkansas to a musical family, Robinson's father was a minister and his mother sang spirituals and he had sisters, one…

(l-r) Jackie Taylor holding a,Gwen Sanders Gamble, Gwen's sister Deborah Sanders Smith, and Tuskegee SNCC activist and educator Dr. Joan Burroughs.jpg
Gwendolyn Sanders Gamble (b. Nov. 17, 1947) and her two sisters Dot and Deborah, were Ullman High School students and active in the 1963 campaign. Gwen was 14 and a recruiter which means she would work inside the school letting other students know…

Gate at WEDR.jpg
Arnold Dwight “Gatemouth” Moore - (b. Nov 8, 1913, d. May 19, 2004). Starting his career on the air at WIBW in Topeka, Kansas, his home town, in the 1930's, Moore was a major blues singer in the 1930’s and 40's and a prolific recording artist and…

Maurice King.jpg
Richard Maurice "Thin Man" King (b.Sept. 15, 1937; d.June 17, 1980) - born in Uniontown, Alabama to mother Ora Lee Evans (her second marriage last name, not her maiden name) and father Konnie King. "Thin Man," as he was known on the air at WENN 1320…

b8f22a - cake to recognize WATV radio employees - 1984.jpg
Box 8 Folder 22: "Here we are at folder 22. It looks like a big birthday cake for WATV from about 1984. So this is a birthday cake announcing or paying tribute to WATV veterans I guess, some of the first people who were involved with the station, and…

b8f15a - WATV core staff - 1982.jpg
Box 8 Folder 15: "Ok we’re at 15 now. Folder 15 is a staff picture with William Glover, Ron January, Erskine Faush, and Shelley Stewart in the offices of WATV on Five Points Ensley Avenue. Negative donated by photographer Lucious Washington."

b8f14a - P.1 of folio on Tom York and Shelley Stewart - 1982.jpg
Box 8 Folder 14: "This is folder 14 and what it is is a booklet, a foil covered booklet that is describing various people in broadcasting. They’re describing Tom York, who was a WBRC TV broadcaster, they’re describing Shelley Stewart, who was a radio…

b7f41a - a head shot of Shelley Stewart from WATV - 1979.jpg
Box 7 Folder 41: "Ok, let’s move to folder 41 which is another headshot of Shelley Stewart from around 1979. He would have been at WATV. Donated by McNair Studios."

b6f36a - Shelley Stewart - approx 1973.jpg
Box 6 Folder 36: "Moving ahead to folder 36 is a photo of Shelley Stewart. We approximate this in the mid ‘70s, around 1974. From Chris McNair studios."

b4f37a - Shelley Stewart in St. Louis - Bham World 1965.jpg
Box 4 Folder 37: "We are now at folder 37. This is a copy of an article (we have the original) that was in the Birmingham World from April 7, 1965 talking about DJ Shelly Stewart, who was in St. Louis at the time and working for the Katz Radio…
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