Engineer's Notes, 1972-3


b6f24a - hourly billing, schematics, probably from Ben Franklin - Nov 72-Jan 73.jpg
b6f24b - from 24a - engineer accounting - 1972-73.jpg
b6f24c - Performance testing criteria.jpg
b6f24d - flip of 24c - an ad for voice altering.jpg


Engineer's Notes, 1972-3


Box 6 Folder 24: "And we move along to folder 24. This is just a guess but I could be wrong. But it’s dated from November 14, 1972 through January 17, 1973, and it looks like what an engineer would make a list of the things that they had done on a monthly basis and the hours expended for same so as to calculate their billing. And apparently, it’s not clear who owned this little blue book, but it’s all written in the standard blue book, which is how children did essay questions back in the day. And WJLD is written on the front cover. Also in this folder are various schematics. It looks very much like this would have been an engineer’s information sheet. And it is unclear at this point exactly whose information I’m looking at, but I can only be envious of the genius of people who could read these kinds of things. Anyway, that’s what we have, engineering information from the ‘70s, might have been Jimmy Jones, might have been Ben Franklin. It’s not clear. It’s unclear. Also included, "Methods used for Proof of Performance Tests," and on the flip of that, a strange ad from The Sound Doctor. He will listen to your voice and - not help you improve it - but he will use various filters to enhance it. Folder 24's contents are something, it seems to me these would have come from Ben Franklin. He was very precise. Not sure if I picked this up at his home when Gary and I were given some of his ephemera and artifacts after his passing in 1998, or if they were found in the WJLD files."



“Engineer's Notes, 1972-3,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed February 1, 2023,

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