WBUL | WAYE Sign-on and Sign-off


WBUL | WAYE Sign-on and Sign-off


Box 6 Folder 23: "This is folder 23 and it’s a WBUL sign on and of course they… its interesting because when WAYE was created they simply just changed the language from BUL to AYE and it just announces… it’s a good morning announcement. It’s a sign on. And it also indicates that WAYE is owned and operated by Good News Broadcast Company with broadcasting facilities and offices located at 4650 Avenue W, Suite K, 5 Points West shopping center with a transmitter site located 1450, 14th Street Southwest in Birmingham, AL, and as I recall, the transmitter site is still there and what is the transmitter site for WEDR as well. What’s crossed out is who owned BUL radio, which did read “WBUL is owned and operated by Radio Broadcasting Company of Birmingham Incorporated,” and somewhere along the way we have mentioned some of the people we know were associated with that operation, which I think was a family operation, local family operation. So, this again from November ‘72. These were found by Bob Friedman inside the station when 1220 was still in a building out at 5 Points West on 3rd Avenue West on Bessemer Super Highway."


b6f23a - WBUL first sign on - Nov 9, 1972.jpg
b6f23b - WBUL's first sign off - Nov 9, 1972.jpg



“WBUL | WAYE Sign-on and Sign-off,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed March 4, 2024, https://thebbrm.org/item/404.

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