Organizational Chart, WJLD


Organizational Chart, WJLD


Box 6 Folder 7: "Ok, we now move to folder 7 which is a, kind of a flow chart showing the order of responsibilities starting from George Johnston and working his way down to various directors. Anyway this is kind of a tree of responsibility from the… what do they call those things for crying out loud, a flow chart of one kind or another, that shows the order of authority in WJLD or Johnston Broadcasting, starting from George Johnston III working the way down to officer manager, assistant manager, and sales manager, then the program director, the music director, the news director, the maid, Nina Milton, and the chief engineer, Jimmy Jones. Not sure of when this was published. Earlier files show Jimmy losing flexibility. Also, I don't know the relationship at this time between Bob Shivers, Music Director, and Father Tree, who played psychedelic music. From the WJLD files."


b6f7a - WJLD flow chart of responsibility - 1971.jpg



“Organizational Chart, WJLD,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed May 27, 2024,

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