Notes and Memos, WJLD


Notes and Memos, WJLD


Box 6 Folder 6: "Ok, we move along to Box 6… is that going to be terrible if I say that, no, ok… we’re going? Folder 6. A number of things in here. There is a series of commercials, copy sheets for commercials. It’s all from about 1971. 1970 and ‘71. Continuity sheets. There is a statement from Jimmy Jones the engineer, chief engineer, a statement that he swears that he holds a first class radio telephone operator license and that he has had that for twenty six years, signed by Jimmy or James Jones. There are little memos as to when various broadcasters will be in at WJLD, when their shifts were and some instructions from the music director, Bob Shivers, the program director, Willie McKinstry, and the general manager, George Johnston III, as to programming decisions on how records were to be played. It also looks to me that Johnston is cracking down on Jimmy Lawson. Forbidding platter party announcements. No records in the studio during his shift. All on carts. There are some notes which I would think would refer to this memo by Shivers, McKinstry, and Johnston as well. And that, this handwritten note is in George Johnston’s handwriting. From the WJLD files."


b6f6a - Goerge Johnston III's complaints - 1971.jpg
b6f6b - Bob Shivers and Larry Hayes assigned - 1971.jpg
b6f6c - Bob Shivers and Willie McKinstry elevated - 1971 001.jpg
b6f6d - Jimmy Jones statement of expertise - 1971.jpg
b6f6e - WJLD station sales promotion - 1971 001.jpg
b6f6f - Playlist for Jummy Lawson morning drive - 1971.jpg
b6f6g - No Platter Parties announced - WJLD - 1971.jpg



“Notes and Memos, WJLD,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed April 13, 2024,

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