Connolly Family Photos


b5f26a - from Erin Connolly's son - unidentified.jpg
b5f26b - unidentified outdoor pix, maybe tower site - 1968.jpg
b5f26c - WJLN related pictures - who are the men - 1968.jpg


Connolly Family Photos


Box 5 Folder 26: "Folder 26 has various pictures donated from Erin Connolly’s son which show, I guess Erin… I’m not sure who this is…. I don't recognize the men in these pictures. Jim Connolly is in some of these pictures. It's been so long since Connolly's son contributed the pictures and I don't remember what he looked like. One of the color pictures shows some kind of promotion in a super market; a few look like they’re in a big field in 1968. The only field I can imagine them being at would be at… up on Red Mountain, looking at where they might be putting these new antennas for increasing WJLN power. Other than that I’m not clear where they are."



“Connolly Family Photos,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed June 22, 2021,

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