Photographs, King Porter


b3f12a - 3 photos of King Porter trio - 1954.jpg
b3f12b - King Porter at the piano - 1954.jpg
b3f12c - Another shot of King Porter at the Piano - 1954.jpg
b3f12d - photo of (l-r) Dirty Dog, Count Basie, King Porter 1954.jpg


Photographs, King Porter


Box 3 Folder 12: "A collection of six black and white photos received from Candy West from her grandfather's collection, I'm assuming. All six contain pictures of pianist and radio announcer King Porter. Three of the pictures have him with a trio at a party put on by Kennametal Mining Tool Company. I don't know who the other members of the trio are, nor do I know who the executives standing around drinking are, but it probably could be tracked down, perhaps by going to the Birmingham City Directory of 1954. There are also two pictures of King Porter by himself at the piano, and a sixth picture with King Porter, Dirty Dog (whomever that might be) and Count Basie, at a gathering somewhere. Those names appear on the back of the photo by signatures, probably of the three aforementioned. Three of the pictures of photographer credits on the back: Douglas L. Tunsberg, 1314 South Seminole Drive, Chattanooga, 11, Tennessee and they are dated Dec 11, 1954."



“Photographs, King Porter,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed February 1, 2023,

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