WJLD Studios

b3f7a - WJLD studio building, Bessemer 1954.jpg
b3f7b- license plate on Buick outside 7a.jpg
b3f7c - another picture of WJLD building on Bess. Hwy - 1954.jpg


WJLD Studios


Box 3 Folder 7: "Moving along to folder 7 are pictures from the WJLD studios, and this is a different picture but it does show the tower and it shows a Buick parked out front. It’s a 1954 license plate so that’s how come we know there was still some kind of connection to this building back then. The sign is still up as well. That’s on the Bessemer Superhighway of course. This copy could have come from the a negative from the Graf Photo collection from Bessemer or from Erin Connolly's husband. From the mid 1990's."



“WJLD Studios,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed October 2, 2023, https://thebbrm.org/item/238.

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