Perry "Tiger" Thompson, WJLD and Clipping, "WJLD is a Negro Station"


Perry "Tiger" Thompson, WJLD and Clipping, "WJLD is a Negro Station"


Box 3 Folder 6: "Moving right along to number 6, folder 6 is a picture of Perry "Tiger" Thompson at the WJLD mike we figure from 1954. Apparently Ben Franklin let me know that he would play “Hold that Tiger” (sings). Some kind of football piece. We’re told he had a rough voice and traveled around to Gadsden as well. Tiger Thompson. A lot said about him from his daughter Lotte; we interviewed her. We may have received a photo from her to copy, or from Ben Franklin.

Also in this folder, a small clipping from one of the local press - we're not sure which - proclaiming that WJLD is "now officially a Negro radio station..." It lists the staff including Tiger. Truman Puckett, who was white, had been with the station since the mid 1940's and was respected by the community for his gospel radio show on WJLD, the Gospel Ship. Here we're talking about definitely targeting the Black community with programming throughout the day, This clip, I would guess, might have been from very late in 1954."


b3f6a - Perry Tiger Thompson at the WJLD mic - 1954.jpg
b3f6b - clipping announcing WJLD is a Negro station - 1954.jpg



“Perry "Tiger" Thompson, WJLD and Clipping, "WJLD is a Negro Station",” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed June 22, 2024,

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