Ben Franklin


b1f52a - Engineer Ben Franklin at WJLD transmitter - 1949.jpg
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Ben Franklin


Box 1 Folder 52: "Moving along to folder number, box 1 folder 52, are pictures of Ben Franklin and he is inside the 3801 Bessemer Superhighway in Bessemer the middle rack provided link service to the Red Mountain transmitter in 1948, Red Mountain tower fed the mutual network back to Bessemer, Alabama, and in the photo Ben is seen here as the engineer. We got that picture from Ben Franklin himself, and the original is in the folder and then we blew it up as big as we could. Ben Franklin turned the radio station WJLD on in 1942 and had an extensive career in radio back into the 30s and we have a lot of interview time with Ben on tape, and on a disc."



“Ben Franklin,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed February 1, 2023,

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