Clipping, All-Negro Station Goes On Air Sunday


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Clipping, All-Negro Station Goes On Air Sunday


Box 1 Folder 48: "Box number 1 and we are at number 48, and this is the announcement of WEDR going on the air…will open on Sunday, September 4, so this clipping is not from Sunday, September 4 but another time. Wouldn’t that be nice if it was there…but it is here. This clipping is from September 2, and the first airing of the station was September 4, but the clipping from the Birmingham Post Herald was from September 2. That’s the weirdest 9 anyone’s ever, ever
(LWR: why?)
It looks like a note.
And it goes on to describe Mr. Ed Reynolds who was the general manager and the president of WEDR. It also lists John Thompson, secretary and treasurer and Mrs. Leah L. Doss, vice president, which was J. Leslie Doss’s wife. She was involved with the beginning of WEDR, and it also mentions that Ed Reynolds had been in radio for about 20 years, so we’re talking 1929. This man had a long history in radio; it’d be interesting to follow his development as well. Clipping goes on to say that the station will take no political, racial, beer, or wine advertising and will have no discussion on political or racial questions. Brr, it makes you cold thinking about that today. And that was 1949. Birmingham."



“Clipping, All-Negro Station Goes On Air Sunday,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed September 23, 2021,

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