Obituary, Roberta Roland


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Obituary, Roberta Roland


Box 3 Folder 17: "In Folder 17, we have the obituary of Ms, Roberta Roland, a gospel radio announcer, promoter and active in the Birmingham community. Several people recollected her taking food to the poor or picking people up and taking them places. Rev. Don Solomon's group, the Heavenly Four, had dealings with Ms. Roland in the 1940's and he talks about it in one of his interviews. It was a long wait to find her and I'm glad we have her in the BBRM. She was on the air at WJLD since 1944 and had worked for the Birmingham World since 1941. She was born around 1900 and passed on July 25, 1955."



“Obituary, Roberta Roland,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed January 21, 2022,

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