Program Schedule, WMBM Miami


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Program Schedule, WMBM Miami


Box 3 Folder 18: "Moving right along to folder 18. This is WMBM Miami program schedule for December of 1955, which lists Eddie Castleberry and some other people who are on MBM. "Set volumes go up when Ed comes on." We have it because Eddie Castleberry was there and was here in the Birmingham market for many years. Eddie was interviewed while visiting at WJLD and several years later contributed a second interview over the phone. Bob Umbach is also listed in December of 1955 at MBM. About Bob, it says, “Spins the most requested R&B, jive, and jazz records. Included are live guest interviews.” WMBM. Mark that down and let’s see if they have any kind of an archive that we have to contact them. I think they’re still in existence. Eddie Castleberry, that was December of ’55, and Bob Umbach, both there."



“Program Schedule, WMBM Miami,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed August 18, 2022,

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