WBCO Staff in Studio


WBCO Staff in Studio


Box 2 Folder 40: "We are at folder 40. There are several copies of an original picture taken inside the WBCO studios in downtown Bessemer, which shows the staff (l-r) Garfield Grace, Honey Brown, Erskine Faush, Lora Walker, Fletcher Cobb, and Bruce Payne. The BBRM interviewed Brown, Faush, Walker and Payne. Garfield, it was said, was 14 when he began at WBCO. Folder 40 has a couple of copies as protection copies. The original was donated by Lora Walker around the time her oral history was recorded in the 1990's. With a lot of time and care, the original could be restored. It's a Morrow print so it's likely he took the picture. Laminated by Lora's loving mother. At the time of this photo, Lora was receptionist; the others had on-air shifts. Lora married, became Lora Gary, joined the on air staff at WJLD and did a jazz show at noon. Her collection contained 12" and 10" albums, 78's 45's and 45 EPs, all jazz."


b2f40a - the WBCO staff inside the studio - 1952.jpg



“WBCO Staff in Studio,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed July 24, 2024, https://thebbrm.org/item/215.

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