Willa Lee "Honey" Brown

b2f41a - Willa Lee - Honey - Brown from WBCO - 1952.jpg


Willa Lee "Honey" Brown


Box 2 Folder 41: "Here we go with folder 41 which is a copy of an autographed picture from Honey Brown. Her name was Willa Lee Brown, and it says “To my mother, from Willa Lee.” Honey Brown was her radio name when she was at WBCO. She brought this in. She lives(d) not too far from WJLD in the Mason City area. I’m not sure if she’s still alive. That was brought in probably in the ‘90s."



“Willa Lee "Honey" Brown,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed December 1, 2023, https://thebbrm.org/item/216.

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