WEDR Staff, 1950


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WEDR Staff, 1950


Box 2 Folder 14: "This is folder 14, which is a copy of a picture sent to us from Ben Alexander from Richmond, VA. He’s, it’s a beautiful picture of WEDR. It’s up in the hall in the Forniss Building 2nd floor: Frank Smart, Wiley Daniels, R.J. Pope who would later come to WJLD, and then Ben Alexander at the WEDR mic. We got, yeah, what do we say, 1950? We’re going to say 1950…. I think we’re still in the ‘50 area because this was early on in WEDR, which started in September of ‘49."



“WEDR Staff, 1950,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed January 21, 2022,

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