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b3f13a - mounted photo of Robelia Pope at WJLD mic - 1954.jpg
Box 3 Folder 13: "This is a mounted picture of RJ Pope, Robelia Pope. It’s folder 13. She’s doing a cooking show, which we think was on around noon. Is there anything on the back of the picture? No. Okay. We’re approximating 1954. RJ Pope would have…

b2f14a - WEDR staff in 1950.jpg
Box 2 Folder 14: "This is folder 14, which is a copy of a picture sent to us from Ben Alexander from Richmond, VA. He’s, it’s a beautiful picture of WEDR. It’s up in the hall in the Forniss Building 2nd floor: Frank Smart, Wiley Daniels, R.J. Pope…
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