Shelley "Black Pope" Pope


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Shelley "Black Pope" Pope


Box 7 Folder 21: "Moving along to folder 21 are three pictures of Shelley Pope, two headshots, and one of him rising above the city skyline. We project both to be around 1978. Shelley Pope was known as the Black Pope and was a very colorful figure in the ‘70s. Ron January and I attended his funeral in the 90's and remembered how Dave Sea from the Temptations Review sang. He was great. Paul had left WATV for WJLD in 1977 and then Pope, who had been at WBUL, came along. Johnston had the idea to build a power house station that could take on WENN AM/FM. Ron reports the line-up was Paul, Ron, Pope, Paul, Pope and finally McKinstry at 8 P and then automation. Pope was a screamer and January remembers Pope breaking VU meters on the board. Competition between Pope and Paul was such that Pope had a studio built in his home so he did not have to be in the station with Paul. Paul had received a Continental and Pope received a Thunderbird as inducements to switch to WJLD. Pope had his name - "Pope" - painted on the side. Donated by McNair Studios."



“Shelley "Black Pope" Pope,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed April 10, 2020,

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