Gary Richardson, WJLD Yugo Giveaway


Gary Richardson, WJLD Yugo Giveaway


Box 8 Folder 38: "And we now move to folder 38 which is a picture of Gary Richardson giving the keys to a Yugo to a contest winner. This was a Yugo give away, and, of course, Yugo refers to a car produced in Yugoslavia, probably for one year, and we at WJLD received one to give away in the summer of 1986 and that’s what the picture depicts. Some lucky woman in Birmingham won a car that was probably impossible to get parts for. But hey, would you turn it down? From WJLD files."


b8f38a - Gary Richardson presenting Yugo keys - 1986.jpg



“Gary Richardson, WJLD Yugo Giveaway,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed July 13, 2024,

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