Studio Logs, WJLD


Studio Logs, WJLD


Box 8 Folder 10: "Ok, this is folder 10 which are a series of sign-on logs, air time logs. And it lists the various shift times and it also has the signatures of many of the people who were on WJLD in 1981. These logs span June 4th, which was a Thursday, through June 7th, which is a Sunday, so you can actually see who was on during the week days as well as on the weekends. Some of the people listed: Michelle Shivers, Paul Dudley White, otherwise known as Tall Paul, Ron January, Eric Grayson, which was Eric “High Speed” Chase, Gary Richardson, Sylvester King, and Daryl Jackson. Moving into Saturday you had people like Jesse Champion Jr., again Tall Paul did a shift then, Lester Young, Gene Lockett, and so forth. Interesting to see, all from 1981. Maybe that’ll give you a clue. From the WJLD files."


b8f10a - WJLD Program log - Thursday, June 4, 1981.jpg
b8f10b - WJLD Program log - Saturday, June 6, 1981.jpg
b8f10c - WJLD Program log - Sunday, June 7, 1981.jpg



“Studio Logs, WJLD,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed July 24, 2024,

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