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b4f2a - Ensley Jubilee Singers - 1960's.jpg
Box 4 Folder 2: "Box 4 folder 2 is a copy of a photo of the Ensley Jubilees, a local gospel quartet, including a second sheet that describes who’s who in the picture, from about 1960. Copied from Doug Seroff’s pamphlet."

The_Spinners_(1965) - Bobby Smith center.jpg
Bobby Smith of the Spinners (b. April 10, 1936, Detroit, Michigan, d. March 16, 2013) principal lead singer and spokesperson for the group. Bobby and the group were in Birmingham as part of a southern tour, which also included Charlie Thomas’…

Don Solomon head shot.jpg
Rev. Don Solomon (b.Feb 13, 1932, d. Dec 14, 2017) Pastor for many years of the Lily Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, and worked closely for years with UAB’s School of Public Health founding Congregations for Public Health.…
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