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What follows are three interviews with the youngest nephew of Announcer Paul "Tall Paul" White. His name is Paul McGinest and he is the youngest son of Tall Paul's older sister Dorothy Rogers and her husband Linwood McGinest. As of the dates of…

b4f10a - WENN floorplan for tax department - 1961.jpg
Box 4 Folder 10: "Folder number 10, folder number 10 is a description of… this would be a description of the lot that WENN AM was at. The building was completed and occupied in January of 1961; this is a document from the… well the document goes back…

MacMillan Jubilee Singers, 1950
Norman Bennett “NB” Wooding, Jr. (b. Nov. 28, 1923, d. Oct. 31, 2015), Interviewed at his home in Mason City, Birmingham by Bob Friedman. In 2012, NB Wooding, Jr. celebrated 80 years singing gospel quartet in Jefferson County and over 60 years…
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