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The Heavenly Four, 1945
Don Solomon and Norman B Wooding, Jr, two pioneer Jefferson County gospel singers and, most recently, members of the Pillars of Birmingham, reminisce on the days of quartet concerts in Birmingham, including group members. The conversation took…

The Gospel Five
Rev. Hobdy Moorer (b. Jul 10, 1934, d.Apr 2, 2009) Minister, gospel singer, and member of the Pillars of Birmingham. Hobdy shares his history of gospel quartet in Birmingham

Maddox Gospel Singers
Henry Burton, Jefferson County gospel quartet singer and member, Pillars of Birmingham. Henry served in Korea as a vocalist and his gospel group, the Christian Special Service Group, was an opening act for Marilyn Monroe’s performance for the troops…

MacMillan Jubilee Singers, 1950
Norman Bennett “NB” Wooding, Jr. (b. Nov. 28, 1923, d. Oct. 31, 2015), Interviewed at his home in Mason City, Birmingham by Bob Friedman. In 2012, NB Wooding, Jr. celebrated 80 years singing gospel quartet in Jefferson County and over 60 years…
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