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b8f2a - WJLD contract for gospel broadcast - 1980.jpg
Box 8 Folder 2: "This is folder 2 which is a broadcast time order from the Johnston Broadcasting Company dated April 18, 1980. It’s for a church ministry, "Nothing too hard for my Lord Ministry" with Rev. Paul Von Henderson, and just lays out the…

b6f2a -Gatemouth Moore's business card - 1970.jpg
Box 6 Folder 2: "Ok, we’re redoing box 6, folder…. So we’re on box 6, folder 2, which contains a business card from Reverend Dwight Gatemouth Moore, who, of course, was a great blues singer and gospel singer and who worked at WEDR and WJLD over the…

b1f18 - Mar 17, 19430001.jpg
Box 1 Folder 18: "Box 1 number 18, which is a little news clipping from March 17, 1943 of Reverend A. H. Batts who was apparently from Pratt City, Alabama. A white minister on the air at WJLD just indicates an increase in the time that he’s being…
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