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b4f8a - A call to boycott WYAM by the IBEW - 1960.jpg
Box 4 Folder 8: "Folder number 8 is a newspaper article probably from the Birmingham Post Herald from September 6, 1960 announcing that the radio engineers local union 253 IBEW is going out on strike against WYAM in Bessemer, which would have been…

b1f57a - letter to IBEW requesting strike aid - 6-25-1949.jpg
Box 1 Folder 57: "Alright here we go. This is box 1 folder 57, which contains the constitutions bylaws and rules of order of the Birmingham Federation of Labor as amended from August ‘37 through June of ‘47 so the book is still in existence as of…

WAPI  34-35.jpg
Box 1 Folder 2: "This is box 1 number 2, dated 1938-1939 and it is an agreement between the Birmingham Broadcasting Company, which is probably WBRC and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, the IBEW who probably did the electrical work…
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