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1942-1977-Gary Hotel - Bessemer.jpg
Box 1 Folder 11: "Box 1 number 11 is a picture of a building that was in existence in 1942. The picture was actually from 1978 of a picture that existed in 1942 of the Plaza Hotel sometimes known as the Gary Hotel sometimes known as the Grand Hotel,…

Lewis Kendrick (b. Dec 26, 1923,d. Apr 5, 2004) First came upon WJLD when the station went on the air in Bessemer in 1942. Lewis recounts his work experience there and about personnel at both early WJLD and WBCO, Bessemer.

Billy Evans.jpg
Billy Cliff Evans (b. Dec 12, 1924, d. Apr 5, 2004), announcer at WJLD in the mid 1940’s. Billy shares recollections of early broadcasting from Bessemer radio stations. Became treasurer of the Bessemer History Center.
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