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Ed and Bob at Episcopal Place, Bham lobby - 3-19-2019.jpg
Ed Boutwell (b. June 21, 1937, d. January 25, 2023) founder of Boutwell Recording Studios in Birmingham, Alabama. Nephew of Albert Boutwell who was mayor of Birmingham from 1963 to 1967, Ed recounts numerous memories of growing up on Birmingham's…

The Heavenly Four, 1945
Don Solomon and Norman B Wooding, Jr, two pioneer Jefferson County gospel singers and, most recently, members of the Pillars of Birmingham, reminisce on the days of quartet concerts in Birmingham, including group members. The conversation took…

b3f28a - Bull Conner challenges Shuttlesworth's honesty  - 1956.jpg
Box 3 Folder 28: "This is folder 28 and there are two parts of the same article in here. We have determined it was 1956 by doing our own research except for the fact that the article says “Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth will be asked to take a lie…
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