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b8f18a - WJLD Budweiser Showdown - details and 45 rpm - 1983.jpg
Box 8 Folder 18: "Moving on to folder 18, which is dated 1983, has a 45 in here from the Budweiser Showdown. Apparently a solo by some person named Centaura. “Your Love is All I Need.” And the other side is probably a… well, we’ll find out in a…

b8f8a - WJLD script - West Boon Dock Lounge - 1981.jpg
Box 8 Folder 8: "Ok, this is folder 8 which is a continuity sheet from WJLD dated April of ’81. The announcer requested for the commercial was Eric Chase, Eric “High Speed” Chase. He was a great voice and he passed away in the 2000s. Nice guy."

b8f10a - WJLD Program log - Thursday, June 4, 1981.jpg
Box 8 Folder 10: "Ok, this is folder 10 which are a series of sign-on logs, air time logs. And it lists the various shift times and it also has the signatures of many of the people who were on WJLD in 1981. These logs span June 4th, which was a…

b8f39a - Margie Davis,Eric Chase,Curtis Bell photos - 1986.jpg
Box 8 Folder 39: "Ok, moving right along to folder 39 are several pictures in a plasticine piece, one of Margie Davis, one of Eric “High Speed” Chase, and one of Curtis Bell. These are also from 1986. They were all disc jockeys at WJLD. The pictures…
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