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b3f9a - Duke Rumore - WJLD Radio - 1954.jpg
Box 3 Folder 9: "Moving along to folder 9. These are 3 pictures, an original, a copy of an original, and a copy of a copy, of Duke Rumore at a WJLD mic in 1954 when he was one of the top jocks in the city. He left for WSGN and pretty famous there. …

1946-Bob Umbach .jpg
Tommy Cox, a WJLD listener interviewed about Bob Umbach, WJLD Radio Announcer and originator of the Atomic Boogie Hour in 1946. Tommy began listening to Bob Umbach in 1949. Tommy called Bob Friedman in 2005 letting him know he had a Rhythm and Blues…

Ed McClure at WBCO.jpg
Edward McClure (EM) (b. Jun 23, 1923, d. Sep 17, 2009) music jock and school teacher known on the air as “Johnny Jive” beginning his career at WBCO, Bessemer in 1952, at WENN for a short time in the late 50’s and then, WJLD until 1969. A master of…
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