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b8f18a - WJLD Budweiser Showdown - details and 45 rpm - 1983.jpg
Box 8 Folder 18: "Moving on to folder 18, which is dated 1983, has a 45 in here from the Budweiser Showdown. Apparently a solo by some person named Centaura. “Your Love is All I Need.” And the other side is probably a… well, we’ll find out in a…

b8f46a - affidavit of performance -WAGG or WAYE - 1987.jpg
Box 8 Folder 46: "Now, we’re up to folder 46. 46 is an advertising card like, I guess, a combination contract and bill. It’s not clear what station this is from; however it does look like the commission goes to Theo. If that’s Theo Bailey, in July of…

b8f8a - WJLD script - West Boon Dock Lounge - 1981.jpg
Box 8 Folder 8: "Ok, this is folder 8 which is a continuity sheet from WJLD dated April of ’81. The announcer requested for the commercial was Eric Chase, Eric “High Speed” Chase. He was a great voice and he passed away in the 2000s. Nice guy."

Seoia, at board.jpg
A flashback to the 1950's New York City days of Jocko Henderson, Birmingham born and raised Al Isaac had a special connection with his RnB and Blues listening audience at WATV 900 AM in Birmingham. His laugh, his character voices they were clearly a…

Andrew Fields (b.Jan 2, 1936, d. Nov 10, 2004), overnight broadcaster and part timer at WJLD and WBUL, discusses his career spanning 1969-1982; reflecting on his development and experience in Birmingham radio and his contemporaries.

b8f56a - BB King Blues Hour line-up - Dec 16, 1989.jpg
Box 8 Folder 56: "OK, Folder 56 is a sample of the B.B. King Blues Hour. This was a program that B.B. King produced or that he was the jock on but I’m sure he had help producing it at the time. In 1989, a series of shows that were delivered by long…

b8f37a - two signature pens  - brown and black - with WJLD advertising - 1986.jpg
Box 8 Folder 37: "Two ball point pens, one brown and one black, made by the Signature Pen Company, most recently from Nashville, both of which advertise WJLD AM 1400. We approximate mid to late 1980's."

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b8f14a - P.1 of folio on Tom York and Shelley Stewart - 1982.jpg
Box 8 Folder 14: "This is folder 14 and what it is is a booklet, a foil covered booklet that is describing various people in broadcasting. They’re describing Tom York, who was a WBRC TV broadcaster, they’re describing Shelley Stewart, who was a radio…

b8f60a - two WJLD bumper stickers - 1989.jpg
Box 8 Folder 61: "We are now up to folder 61. Number 61 from 1989 contains a couple of bumper stickers from 1989. The backs are the sponsors that paid for the bumper stickers. Also, a picture of Darleen, I can’t remember Darleen’s last name, who was…

Shivers head shot.jpg
Carolyn “Michelle” Shivers (b. Sept 21, 1954). Michelle was an on air personality and, for a time, Music Director, at WJLD in the late 1970's. In this interview, she shares some of her recollections of the period that encompassed the 1976 WENN…
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