Eddie Castleberry, 1997 Oral History


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Eddie Castleberry, 1997 Oral History


Eddie Castleberry (b.Jul 28, 1928, d.Jan 23, 2009), veteran Birmingham broadcaster, interviewed at his home in New York City by phone by Bob Friedman on Jan 3, 1997


Eddie Castleberry
Bob Friedman


Birmingham Black Radio Museum


January 3, 1997


Jeff Hayes
Emily Bibb








Bob Friedman


Eddie Castleberry


Transcript from audio snippet:

Eddie Castleberry: In ’49 WEDR had Frank Smart, Wiley Daniels, and Ben Alexander.
Bob Friedman: Ok.
EC: That’s all that were at WEDR in ’49.
BF: And then Paul Brown came? E.X. Brown?
EC: No, I came before Paul.
BF: Right. He said he got there around the fall of ’49, and he left in 1950, in September of 1950.
EC: Who, Paul?
BF: Paul, yeah.
EC: I could’ve swore he was there, no he was there in ’50 cuz I didn’t come there til 1950, and he came after I did.
BF: Ok.
EC: Alright.
BF: Ok, so I guess he didn’t stay that long.
EC: No, he didn’t. He was commuting from Atlanta.
BF: When you were at, uh…oh, goodness, really!?
EC: Yeah, everyday, he was drivin…he was drivin from Atlanta to Birmingham and back.
BF: Amazing. And Walter…so while you were there, you saw a number of people join the staff.
EC: Yeah.
BF: You saw Walter Anglin join.
EC: Walter Anglin. And a fella named Branch. Branch was there. And uh, Barron Burns.
BF: Now, Branch, is that a first name or a last name?
EC: That’s his last name.
BF: Oh, you don’t know…
EC: His name was William Branch…I think, I think. It was William. I know his name was Branch, his last name was Branch.
BF: And who else?
EC: And um, um…lemme see, who I can’t think of? Uh, Barron Burns.
BF and EC alternate between correct spelling of Barron Burns.
BF: Oh, Barron Burns.
EC: Yeah, he was there. He came there. And also Jimmy Story.
BF: Jimmy Story?
EC: Yeah.
BF: Jimmy Story, what a name!
EC: Jimmy Story, he was there, for a while. And uh, that’s all I can think of right now.
BF: This is all around 1952, ’53?
EC: Yeah.
BF: Very interesting.
EC: Those guys came there for a short time.
BF: Yeah, a short time.
BF: And, the uh, the station manager back then was, uh, Thompson was his name?
EC: John Thompson.
BF: John Thompson.
EC: Yup.
BF: Was he there when you got there?
EC: Yes, he was. He was there til I left.
BF: He was probably hired by, uh, Ed Reynolds.
EC: Yup. Or, or they were partners I think.
BF: Oh, really?
EC: Yeah, they were all partners at WEDR.


Full interview: 12 minutes
Audio snippet: 2 minutes


Eddie Castleberry and Bob Friedman, “Eddie Castleberry, 1997 Oral History,” The Birmingham Black Radio Museum, accessed September 27, 2022, https://thebbrm.org/item/78.

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